Release Notes for Sprint 6.

August 05, 2022


  • Stock transfer form field name changes – Small changes related to field name updates


  • Enabling units tab for retailer users (sales order view) – Now retailer users should be able to see “Units” tab in sales order view, where they will be able to see allocated units to the sales order, with their location and serial number details
  • Salla integration update
  • Date picker field update – Update related to date picker widget, with the new update it would be easier for the users to select date range in filters.
  • Sales return access shared with 3pl users
  • Supplier Return access shared with 3pl users

    New Features:

  • Supplier Return – Allows users to generate a return form for returning stock to suppliers and have the picking/packing and shipment fulfillment for the return transactions
  • Fedex Integration – New shipment integration, which would allow users to use Fedex for the shipment as courier, generate awb label and tracking number.
  • Sales Margin Report – Report that allows to track stock related revenue for the specific date range
  • Stock Aging report – Aging report that shows for how long each item of inventory (currently on hand) has been stored in storage