Release Notes for Sprint 8.

August 22, 2022


  • Variant filter – search and filtering related issues fixed
  • Variant summary – field formats updated (money value, number value will show up in proper format)
  • Packing completion – Users were not able to complete re-allocated orders, issue fixed
  • Bundle type product allocation – allocation updated/fixed for bundle products, users should be able to allocate those now


  • Batch picklist generation (manual option) – Users should be able to generate batch picklists
  • Additional fields added to public API (add order api) - Now users should be able to send additional data like, shipment fee, additional fee, total discount (overall discount)
  • Shopify integration update for bundle type products – Users should be able to sync stock for bundle type products so that whenever sub items of bundle products are adjusted, that would trigger stock for the bundle stock qty
  • Generic system UI updates - Migrate from react-virtualized to MUI DataGrid
  • Sales margin report update - Sales Margin Report (add SKU column, not just variant name)

    New Features:

  • J&T Integration - Courier – Allows users to ship orders using J&T, generate AWB, track deliveries.
  • Automation rules update – New automation added for that allows auto publishing of products to listing (trigger: new product added)
  • Stock movement additional mode added - Now users can move units by selecting them in bulk without scanning each unit/barcode one by one
  • Product selection feature udpate – Now users can browse products and select multiple products while adding it to Sales order or PO, without adding them one by one